Waste and by-products

Turning waste into opportunity

Biomass.dk was founded in 2018 with the aim of establishing and handling large quantities of biological by-products for making green biogas. Biogas that can be distributed all around Europe through the Trans-European gas grid.

Commodity trading

Our experienced team in Biomass.dk do international commodity trading on a high professional level on a huge variation of by-products. Primarily ship cargo (bulk and tankships) and by road.

The concept of Biomass.dk is:

We assist producers of biological by-products and biological waste in value adding recycling of the by-products. The by-products is converted into raw materials for another industrial sector for example as clean and renewable energy source in the biogas industry where bacteria convert the products into biogas, that afterwards is cleaned up to natural gas standard and pumped in to the trans European gas grid and used as green renewable 0-emission energysource.

We assist industries and biogas plants with raw material that can be converted into new products, fertilizer, feed for for livestocks or an energy source in biogas or power plants.

Biomass.dk have storage facilities for storing biomasses. We are able to deliver biomasses on a regular basis.

Animal by-products

Biological by-products with waste code

Commodity products